Flavor cards – what are they and how do they work?

Flavor Cards Ice Mint

What are flavor cards?

Flavoring cards are special cards soaked in natural and artificial flavors, with which you can enhance the taste of any dry food product of your choice.

How do you use our flavor cards?

It’s simple, just place the flavor card in a sealed container with the product you are flavoring. Wait at least 60 minutes, the longer you wait, the stronger the flavor will be.

How do flavor cards work?

When the package is opened, the flavor and aroma begins to evaporate from the card and adheres to any material that can absorb it.

Is it safe to use flavor cards?

All the ingredients we use for flavor cards are manufactured in the EU, of high quality and certified for use as intended.

How long does the flavor last?

It all depends on your personal tastes and preferences. The longer you wait, the stronger the experience you will get!

How long to leave the flavor card in contact with the product?

After 24-48 hours, most of the flavor has been transferred from the card to your product. In the case of our menthol products, the flavor may become too strong for your taste if left in contact for more than 10 hours. We encourage you to experiment personally

Can I use the card more than once?

You can, but the intensity and speed of flavoring will not be the same as if you flavored the first time. One flavor card is optimal for flavoring up to about 50 grams of product.

Where can I buy flavor cards?

We currently sell flavor cards in our B2B store. Would you like to know more details? Feel free to contact us!